From Meaningful Use to Meaningful Uses

Apr 7, 2016

Health IT Now and Apervita Release White Paper

Health IT Now and Apervita Release White Paper on Thought Conference Findings

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Health IT Now (HITN) and Apervita released a white paper on the establishment of key health care areas discussing the promise of data in health care and identifying barriers and challenges related to federal regulation and interoperability of health IT. The paper, titled From Meaningful Use to Meaningful Uses: Getting the Most From Meaningful Patterns in Data to Improve Health, highlights findings from a full-day thought conference of leading policy insiders, experts, and stakeholders exploring the intersection of a rapidly expanding health information technology market of data and analytics solutions that support care, engagement, research, and government policy.

The white paper will serve as a timely guide for decision makers to consult as they establish the foundation for meaningful reforms. The white paper makes the following recommendations:

  1. Create a system that allows for the seamless flow of information, improving interoperability and sharing for all health data. This requires updating laws to add both reporting mechanisms and penalties for non-compliance.
  2. Clarify regulatory parameters that eliminate ambiguities regarding the regulatory status of health IT data and software. This system must be cognizant of the speed at which new technologies develop, protect patients, be clear to innovators, and yet still be flexible enough to accommodate future technologies.

In releasing the white paper, Joel White, Senior Advisor, HITN, issued the following statement: 

“Congress needs to clarify how health IT products are regulated and correct the dysfunctional Meaningful Use program. This will benefit health IT manufacturers, doctors and hospitals, and, most importantly, patients. What we have done in this report is to take the collective expertise and experience of more than 100 companies and innovators to identify the regulatory and legislative barriers that significantly hinder the optimal utilization of technology and data in healthcare. We have also produced solutions that address those barriers. The innovation community is asking Congress and the Administration to step off the brakes and let them step on the gas pedal to produce more improvements through technology. We hope Congress and the Administration act quickly so these companies can more rapidly offer providers and patients solutions they need and can use.”

Paul Magelli, CEO of Apervita, echoed this sentiment:

“Apervita is pleased to be joining Health IT Now in releasing these crucial policy recommendations. Recent regulatory and legislative policies have made it necessary to harness the immense amounts of data that exist in the healthcare system today to help doctors and hospitals stay on top of their game. Apervita strongly believes in the democratization of health analytics and data in order to realize this, we believe policymakers should hasten to adopt these recommendations.”

The white paper is available at and at




Health IT Now is a broad-based coalition of patient groups, provider organizations, employers, and payers that support incentives to deploy health information technology to improve quality, outcomes, and patient safety and to lower costs. For more information, please go to

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