The New System of Health Insight

Feb 24, 2017

White Paper: Empowering Excellence

The platform for empowering excellence in healthcare


Executive Summary

As the value-based payment purse strings keep tightening, health care leaders need to look towards a new generation of Systems of Shared Insight to deliver more efficient and effective care. 

This rapidly increasing demand for operational analytics is causing heightened executive heartburn. Classical back-office reports and proprietary analytics, locked into vendor systems, are failing to hit the mark and health care leaders are struggling to keep up with today’s deficient technology patchwork. Sirens continue to wail as executives see the quantity of analytics increase, data volumes rapidly expand, and integration points multiply, with a total lack of enterprise governance.

The Apervita Enterprise Analytics and Data Platform (EADP), built on world-class technology, is a comprehensive solution to this problem. Acting as a core enterprise resource, it distributes and scales real time intelligence, wherever it is needed. It unifies health data, enabling the agile development of thousands of analytics which can be distributed as real time insight across the care continuum. Apervita is an open and advanced insight sharing platform addressing clinical, financial, operational and strategic goals. It will empower enterprise systems, experiences, and workflow with the broad variety of intelligence needed to efficiently and effectively deliver value-based care for decades to come.

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