Unleash Health Analytics & Data

Innovate At Scale

Empowering enterprises to deliver the best health insight, enabling health professionals to deliver better care.

Rapidly Write Analytics, Use For Many Purposes

Apervita decouples analytics from data, significantly reducing the barriers to create, improve and repurpose them, allowing you to deploy health insight in a fraction of the time.

Deploy To Many Places, For Many Purposes

Distribute insight broadly across your enterprise with secure web services, connecting analytics and data to your existing EHR, BI systems, web and mobile apps.

Scale & Manage
1,000s of Analytics

Apervita provides your IT and informatics teams with a single point of control to secure, administer and govern all your enterprises users, analytics and data needs.

The Leading Platform & Marketplace For Health Analytics & Data

Apervita Platform

Create, distribute and scale
health analytics & data

Apervita Marketplace

Apply the world's health knowledge in practice

See Who Is Using Apervita

Apervita Platform

Write once, deploy broadly, then scale to 1,000s

Create & Use

Create in days, not months

Significantly reduce the time and cost to deploy analytics. Create algorithms, protocols, and measures with simple script and interfaces, connect data as required, and use on-demand.


Deploy to many places, for many uses

Avoid the proliferation of disparate user experiences by taking advantage of existing systems and apps. Embed insight into your EMR, Business Intelligence tools, Excel and other apps.


Manage 1,000s of analytics

A single platform to manage all your requirements. Administer 1,000s of analytics and data sets together, centrally controlling assets, users, roles, privileges and releases.

Apervita Marketplace

Buy and use analytics and data from leading health institutions


Choose from the marketplace

Select from a broad selection of clinical, operational and financial analytics from leading health institutions. Put them quickly into practice, connecting them to health data and workflow.


Commercialize your ideas

Share your knowledge and generate an income by selling health analytics and data. Create and test them on Apervita then publish to the marketplace, set your price, and quickly start selling.

Build A Business

Join the Health Analytics Economy

With the rapidly growing demand for health insight, Apervita is an ideal platform to launch your new business. Thinking about developing new services or enhancing products? Let's talk!

Easy, powerful, affordable

Easy enough for every health professional, powerful enough for the entire health enterprise.
Decouple analytics
from data

Build and improve analytics independently from data. Create analytics with simple Python script. Load any data in many formats. Only when ready, connect analytics to data.

Distribute with
secure web services

Take advantage of existing systems by easily creating Apervita RESTful web services and embedding the results of analytics into workflow and a long list of applications, such as EHRs, Tableau, Excel, and others.

Manage 1,000s
of analytics

With enterprise management features, deploy many analytics and populations all together. Administer who can access them, control versioning, access privileges, and other key aspects of their lifecycle.

Recognized As An Industry Leader

HIPAA Compliant

Supporting the safer control of health data
PHI Protected Information

Designed to help you manage and secure Protected Health Information (PHI).

Regulatory Compliance

Compliant and independently audited: HIPAA, HITECH and ISO 27001/IEC Information Security Management System.

Authentication & Audits

Comprehensive management: Control what's available and how. Know who accessed what, when, and how often.

Built-in BAA Agreements

Conveniently built-in Business Associate Agreements (BAA) for your data and insights.

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