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Apervita Is Committed to Making the Learning Health System a Reality

Apervita's solutions and trusted collaboration platform transform quality measurement and care delivery to promote transparency and enable continuous learning for improved care.


The Apervita Vital Platform

Apervita’s scalable and extensible platform powers our core solutions, which helps make the Learning Health System a reality. Our purpose-built platform leverages premier technology that enables efficiency and innovation, vital to solving healthcare's most pressing challenges.

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Learn how Apervita's platform & solutions enable the Learning Health System.

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Quality Measurement Solutions

Apervita’s Quality Measurement Solutions accelerate the industry’s shift to standardized digital quality measures. Our next-generation digital quality measurement build, test and run capabilities promote transparency and use of clinically relevant measures at an enterprise scale.

Clinical Intelligence Solutions

Our Clinical Intelligence Solutions deliver clinical insights such as computable clinical practice guidelines (CPGs), clinical pathways and care gap prevention, enabling compliance to best practices and promoting patient-centered care.

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