Top hospital system, medical school and research institution joins the list of leaders publishing analytics through Apervita; closing the gap between innovative breakthroughs and broad availability in practice.

CHICAGO, Dec. 1, 2015 — Apervita, Inc., creators of the first real-time, cloud-based platform and marketplace for using and sharing health analytics & data, today announced Johns Hopkins has joined the rapidly growing number of leaders in health care research distributing algorithms proven to transform care delivery through the Apervita Market. For the first time, health enterprises everywhere will be able to access and deploy aspects of the extensive library.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have developed advanced screening, assessment and predictive models that empower health professionals to leverage patient data to anticipate and even preempt poor health outcomes. Apervita’s platform and business model provide an opportunity to gain valuable insights by giving providers and patients access to data and analytics through the Apervita Market. An example of Johns Hopkins analytics include models for predicting the early onset of infection, screening to identify populations that will require intensive use of health services, and predictors of cancer stage and probability of recurrence.

“Sharing analytics innovation allows the greatest minds in health to pool their knowledge and put it into practical use with patients,” said Paul Magelli, chief executive officer of Apervita. “By joining the Apervita health analytics & data marketplace, Johns Hopkins becomes part of a group of leaders who are sharing best practices, making them computable and sharable with health systems globally. The result of this collective knowledge is better insight, delivered faster, with the potential to have a far reaching impact on people’s lives.”

The Apervita Market provides a unique distribution model which allows Johns Hopkins to retain ownership of their analytics. “Apervita’s analytic authors want to share their knowledge to provide the best care everywhere, but they also want to improve it,” continued Magelli. “Apervita not only enables evidence-based analytics to be broadly distributed, but the collaboration between authors and users creates a global learning community, helping set the standard of excellence in health analytics.”