GE applies its wealth of analytics to help address some of healthcare’s most pressing problems

CHICAGO, February 29, 2016 Apervita, Inc., the fastest growing platform for creating, distributing and scaling health analytics and data, announced GE Healthcare is working with Apervita to make its advanced analytics application DenialsIQ™ available through the Apervita marketplace.

As an international leader with extensive global research capabilities, GE Healthcare has built one of the world’s largest portfolios of executable health analytics, many of which can be applied to improve health. GE has leveraged its Global Research capability to unlock new value for customers across industries. In one example, GE Healthcare repurposed an anomaly detection algorithm used to predict the need for jet engine maintenance to help identify millions of dollars’ worth of hidden claims denials for healthcare organizations. DenialsIQ is an advanced analytics solution from GE Healthcare that uses a powerful statistical algorithm to uncover hidden patterns from within claims denials helping health enterprises improve financial performance by accelerating the recovery of revenues, reducing costly re-work, and avoiding future denials before they occur.

“GE Healthcare and Apervita are working closely to bring DenialsIQ to the Apervita marketplace, and it’s a good illustration of how GE Healthcare partners to deliver greater value for its customers. We are excited about the opportunity to generate new financial insights with DenialsIQ and Apervita.” said Jon Zimmerman, Vice President and General Manager at GE Healthcare.

“GE Healthcare is a pioneer in applying advanced analytics that go beyond traditional business intelligence,” said Paul Magelli, Chief Executive Officer of Apervita. “We’re very excited about the possibilities for GE and others to improve healthcare outcomes by enabling their customers with broad access to these world-class analytics through the Apervita platform and marketplace. By harnessing research advances across many industries, GE Healthcare has developed analytics and prediction tools that could help accelerate problem-solving for health enterprises,” Magelli continued. “The power of Apervita comes into its own by enabling GE Healthcare to distribute advanced analytics to provider and payer systems as well as delivering leading analytics within their own products.”

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