WASHINGTON, April 18, 2016 — Consumable Science, a science and technology platform that translates world class science to patient health, announced the availability of MyBodyScore in the Apervita marketplace, the first cloud-based platform and marketplace for health analytics and data.

MyBodyScore is a universal health score with 10 biological inputs that translates risk of mortality derived from a proprietary biostatistical analysis. The biomarker inputs to the Score are highly influenced by behaviors: diet, exercise, tobacco use and medication adherence. Clinicians can use it to monitor a patient’s health and effects of behavior change over time. Population health managers can use it to benchmark populations, comparing the same populations over time or disparate populations.

Dr. J. Hunter Young, MD, MHS, a practicing internist, biomarker researcher and Clinical Director of Patient Services at Johns Hopkins Medicine International led the team that designed the Score. “Existing medical risk scores are designed to assist clinical decision focused on specific conditions and do not translate the overall health of a patient relative to their specific age and gender,” commented Dr. Young.

The Apervita marketplace is rapidly growing catalog of over 1,000 analytics from leading health enterprises. It enables users to select analytics, connect health data, and rapidly apply them to their workflow. This approach allows health knowledge to be easily shared and accessed by those who need it.

“We are excited to enable Consumable Science to offer MyBodyScore through the Apervita marketplace making it readily data-enabled and workflow-integrated,” said Tim Gustafson MD, Chief Authoring and Content Officer for Apervita. “The ability to translate a complex set of variables and summarize them into a single number is becoming essential in today’s data rich health care environment.”

About Consumable Science
Consumable Science™ (CS) has created the first of its kind universal health score with researchers from the Johns Hopkins University. Its flagship product, MyBodyScore™ is the first clinical score driven by health behaviors that can be used to monitor patient progress and measure the effectiveness of population health initiatives. The public can visit mybodyscore.com or consumablescience.com for more information.