CHICAGO, February 7, 2018 Apervita, Inc., the leading platform for real time health analytics & data, today announced that AMITA Health has selected the Apervita platform to deploy eCART, the early warning predictive algorithm from Quant HC, enabling clinicians to precisely detect inpatients at risk of sepsis, cardiac arrest and other forms of acute clinical deterioration. With this solution, AMITA Health’s nursing staff and rapid response team are able to continually monitor inpatient health, providing them with plenty of time to assess and stabilize patients or promptly transfer them to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Further, AMITA Health has access to the Apervita Enterprise Analytics and Data Platform (EADP), which enables life-cycle management of health analytics, including rules, algorithms, pathways, guidelines, and measures. This solution provides a dedicated early warning dashboard, built on Apervita, delivering real time inpatient risk charting, a bedside rounding application, and population health reports.

The solution was initially piloted at AMITA Health Alexian Brothers Medical Center Elk Grove Village, IL. Once completed, AMITA Health assessed the results and developed their own internal business case which demonstrated very positive results. They found that it had helped their staff decrease cardiac arrests by 57%, reduce ICU length of stay by nearly a full day, reduce the overall length of stay and improved efficiency of the Rapid Response team, resulting in an estimated annualized savings in the one hospital of almost $800,000. Only 6 weeks after the successful delivery of the pilot, AMITA Health completed deployment, connecting real time patient data, while Quant HC clinical experts worked with AMITA Health clinicians to help adapt their Workflow to use modern predictive models.

“Time is of the essence in critical care and by providing our teams with advance warning of patient risks we are able to intervene much earlier, assess the situation, and better detect and prevent patient crises,” said Trisha Cassidy, AMITA Health chief strategy officer. “By combining our existing investments in digital health data with innovative technology and businesses, like Apervita and Quant HC, we are better able to capture, standardize, and apply best practices and make them available to deliver the most efficient, highest-quality, faith-based care possible.”

“During my career, I’ve seen first-hand the issues that can arise when clinicians are overwhelmed with large amounts of rapidly changing data,” said Dana Edelson, MD, chief executive officer, Quant HC. “Instead, eCART introduces a precise, simple to understand score, based on a decade of published research at the University of Chicago, which shows the overall risk of a patient over time. This has proven to be invaluable, giving clinicians hours of additional lead time to attend to those patients who are most in need of attention. The result is improved patient outcomes and more efficient resource allocation.”

“As the value-based care purse strings keep tightening, health systems far and wide are urgently connecting data to where it can have most impact – into workflow,” said Paul Magelli, chief executive officer, Apervita. “Enterprise Analytics and Data Platforms (EADPs) are the key ingredient to enable this to happen, combining data with the best health knowledge, distributed as critical insight, directly into enterprise workflow. We are proud to be working with AMITA Health, who are leading the way, focusing their efforts on enhancing workflow for the critically ill.”


About AMITA Health is a joint operating company formed by Adventist Midwest Health, part of the Adventist Health System in Altamonte Springs, FL., and Alexian Brothers Health System, a subsidiary of St. Louis-based Ascension. Headquartered in Arlington Heights, IL, AMITA Health is the third largest health system in the state with more than 12,000 associates committed to delivering the most efficient, highest quality, faith-based care at nine acute and specialty care hospitals and at more than 80 ambulatory/clinic locations. AMITA Health has an extensive provider network of more than 3,000 hospital-affiliated physicians and the AMITA Health Medical Group consists of over 500 multi-specialty employed physicians and associate practitioners, ranking it among the largest regional medical groups. AMITA Health’s mission is to extend the healing ministry of Jesus by respecting the faith traditions of the many individuals and families we have been called to serve across suburban Chicago.

About Quant HC
Quant HC is dedicated to improving patient outcomes by leveraging the way data is used. Quant HC, a Chicago-based healthcare analytics company, develops technologies aimed at supplementing qualitative methods of patient diagnosis with empirical-based solutions.

Quant HC’s flagship product, eCART, is an electronic early warning score which uses real-time data to warn clinicians when a patient is at risk of requiring transfer to an ICU or suffering an adverse event such as cardiac arrest or death. eCART can detect a patient’s clinical deterioration hours to days in advance of current methods by synthesizing vital sign, laboratory and demographic data into a single score to guide clinical care.

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