Clinical decision support (CDS) is a technology that provides patient-specific medical knowledge at the point of care. A group of CDS experts recently developed a “GUIDES” checklist that supports medical professionals in considering the factors that affect the success of CDS interventions. The checklist was published in the June 2018 issue of Implementation Science. Apervita Chief Informatics and Innovation Officer Dr. Blackford Middleton, MD, PMH, MSc, collaborated on the study with the GUIDES expert panel.

According to the study, “The aim of the GUIDES project was to improve the successful use of guideline-based CDS through the development of a checklist. The purpose of the checklist was to facilitate a deeper and more accurate understanding of which factors make CDS more (or less) effective and to guide CDS implementation by preventing key factors from being overlooked.”

Four key areas explored by the GUIDES checklist are CDS context, CDS content, CDS system and CDS implementation.

Read the full study, including the GUIDES checklist, here.