Dr. Blackford Middleton, Chief Informatics and Innovation Officer at Apervita, is a leading pioneer in clinical informatics. He recently wrote an article on digital health platforms for GROWTH (Guideline & Research Organizations Worldwide for Transparency & Harmonization). Created by Doctor Evidence, GROWTH promotes the spread of evidence-based knowledge through collaboration and data sharing, globally and across all medical disciplines.

Toward the Transformation of Healthcare Delivery: Digital Health Platforms
Modern healthcare delivery is in transition. From the era of autonomous, provider-centric, discontinuous healthcare delivery, we are moving toward a more value-based and coordinated system of care delivery, and hopefully, a learning health system achieving the Quadruple Aim.1-3 To achieve this, however, we also need to move toward the next evolutionary stage in supporting health technology infrastructure to enable and sustain this transformation.4,5 Health IT in hospitals and health systems has evolved from departmental and mainframe hospital information systems to n-tier client-server architectures. We now need to deploy the inevitable next-generation architecture—an industry-scale platform.

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