QPay: Streamline value-based relationships across all major payment models

QPay is the industry’s leading end-to-end contracting platform, enabling payers and providers to create, negotiate, manage, report and settle their value-based relationships.

FPO Analytics

Engage provider networks with trust and transparency

Share visible contract terms, calculations and math between payers and providers.

Deliver timely performance feedback for quality improvement and benchmarking.

FPO Money-Ideas

Decrease administrative costs with automated workflows

Avoid unnecessary IT costs with a cloud platform that supports all major alternative payment models and products.

Improve settlement accuracy and compliance by automating analytics and reporting.

FPO Briefcase

Customize the solution to meet your needs

Quickly implement value-centric products and network deals to increase time to value.

Respond to accounts seeking specialized value-based products, arrangements and designs.


QPay creates a platform-driven infrastructure for contracts, supporting all major risk models, such as alternative payment models, upside/downside, risk corridors and global capitation, and lines of business, including commercial, Medicare and Medicaid.

Design and model alternative payment model contracts

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Create, store and share contract terms and algorithms

Interactive performance reporting and analytics tied to negotiated value-based contracts

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QPay customers cover 7.2 million consumers and $32 billion in total medical expenses


Ready to get the most from your value-based relationships?