Build your own applications in hours, not months or years
Work with a purpose-built platform, designed for healthcare
Securely share applications with healthcare stakeholders internally or externally
Do it yourself, no software developers needed, or let Apervita help you get started

Apervita for ePerformance:

Measure and improve performance and reporting across the network.

  • Submit quality measures to regulatory agencies and payers with the push of a button

  • Understand current, historical and peer performance

  • Share results with others for benchmarking and collaboration

  • Drive performance by integrating interventions into desired workflow and systems

Apervita for ePathways:

Reduce wasteful variation and drive best practices and care coordination.

  • Monitor, reinforce, and measure adherence to best practice standards

  • Deliver interventions well-fit into clinician mental models and clinical EHR workflow

  • Share best practice pathways and plans across care settings and transitions

  • Detect, discover, and deliver the next generation of evidence-based best practice

Apervita for eCollaboration:

Start sharing applications and insights, stop shipping data.

  • Reduce data-sharing friction in a controlled, multi-tenant environment

  • Use applications across parties and from any source with localized data connections

  • Share with numerous collaborators and affiliates on different terms, but within a common framework for maximum network effects

DIY Powered by Apervita:

Rapidly build any application you need with a low-code user interface.
  • Build solutions using industry best practices like clinical quality language (CQL) or machine learning frameworks like Tensorflow

  • Work with healthcare-specific formats like HL7, FHIR or flat files

  • Deliver results directly into EHR workflows, data warehouses or BI/visualization tools

  • Affiliate and connect with payers, providers and other stakeholders

Connect without complexity