Apervita Unveils Tool to Aid Hospitals With Interoperability Requirements

By Apervita , Inc. | June 18, 2020

The platform can now be used to furnish encrypted patient data to third-party applications. “On Thursday, analytics-startup Apervita announced the launch of a tool to help health systems meet interoperability requirements. ‘As an industry, we’ve been working on interoperability for 25 years.’ ” Kevin Hutchinson, CEO, Apervita Read the full article at HealthcareIT News.

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Apervita Launches Service to Ensure Secure Sharing of Patient Health Information Between Hospitals, Health Plans and Patients

By Apervita , Inc. | June 18, 2020

New Offering Helps Healthcare Organizations Comply With Federal Government Regulations Related to Interoperability and Information Blocking Apervita, a trusted technology leader in healthcare collaboration for payers, providers and other stakeholders, today announced the launch of its Interoperability and Data-Sharing service offering. Earlier this year, CMS and the Office of National Coordinator (ONC) announced interoperability and…

Join Us, Wed. Jun 17, 1:50pm CST at AHIP Institute & Expo 2020 for Payer-Provider Alignment: Sharing Insights for Mutual Success in a Value-Based Contract

Apervita to Present With Client Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts at AHIP Institute & Expo Online 2020

By Michelle Schallhorn | June 16, 2020

Apervita’s value-based care expert Stephanie Graham, will share the podium with BCBSMA executives Stephen Moorehead, Senior Director, Network Performance Improvement and Jacquelyn Dillon, Senior Director Contract Operations, Performance and Analytics, to walk through the creation, execution and sustainable success of an Alternative Quality Contract (AQC).

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Apervita: With MongoDB, Vital Healthcare Data Stays Accessible AND Secure

By Apervita , Inc. | June 10, 2020

“Medicine is, at heart, a data problem. Diagnosis and treatment need as full a picture as possible, but that picture is painted from some of the most intimate, private details of a patient’s life. These must be protected from misuse. They must also be immediately accessible to the caregivers and decision-makers. Squaring that circle of…

Blog Series: The Value of Value-Based Care, v1.01, The Need for Value-Centric Collaboration

BLOG SERIES: The Value of Value-Based Care  V1.01
The Need for Value-Centric Collaboration

By Stephanie Graham | May 26, 2020

The success of rewarding “value” instead of “volume” in the U.S. healthcare system continues to drive the expansion of value-based contract models between payers and providers. Apervita has developed a Blog Series to address the key challenges involved in defining and implementing a value-based payment model.

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The Technological Ironies of the Current State of Value-Based Care

By Kevin Hutchinson | April 21, 2020

“In many ways, it’s still the Wild West in value-based care, and it’s imperative that adoption across the industry doesn’t stall out like some of its predecessors.”—Kevin Hutchinson, CEO, Apervita Read the full article at HIT Consultant.

Catalyst @ Health 2.0, Health Tech Responds to COVID-19

Dr. Blackford Middleton on Key Response Mechanisms to Support Care Delivery during COVID-19

By Apervita , Inc. | April 15, 2020

“As Chief Information and Innovation Officer at Apervita, Inc., Dr. Blackford Middleton delivers deliver current financial and clinical analytics…”

The Top Considerations When Selecting a Value-Based Contract Administration Solution : DOWNLOAD NOW

Change the Cost Curve With Value-Based Care Contracting

By Apervita , Inc. | April 14, 2020

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MongoDB’s Field-Level Encryption Protects Private Data—Even From DBAs

By Apervita , Inc. | April 1, 2020

“One of MongoDB’s first customers to use the new technology is Apervita, a vendor that handles confidential data for well over 2,000 hospitals and nearly 2 million individual patients. Apervita worked side by side with MongoDB during development and refinement of the technology.”


Cloud-Based Platform to Offer Health Data Encryption

By Apervita , Inc. | March 27, 2020

Apervita recently announced it established a cloud-based platform to offer health data encryption technology to their health plan and provider customers.