We welcome you to join Apervita at HIMSS17.

Learn about the exciting future of Enterprise Health Analyitcs (EHA) and how it is helping solve some of the health's biggest problems.

Enterprise Health Analytics is a new generation of open platforms and marketplaces that unify the world's best decision support knowledge to enhance the full spectrum of the patient experience, including clinical, financial, operations and relationship management. EHAs capitalize digital health data, from diverse sources, by executing computable health knowledge and broadly distibuting results to edge applications that facilitate more efficient workflow and empower health professionals to deliver better outcomes. 

At HIMSS17 Apervita will showcase:

- The Apervita Platform and Marketplace
- An array of solutions
- Customer case studies
- Business cases
- Demonstrations

You can find Apervita at HIMSS17 here:

The Apervita Board Room - located in room MP65, HIMSS17 Meeting Place, far top right of exhibitors hall:


The Interoperability Showcase - Apervita will be demoing the Platform and Marketplace located in the far bottom right of the exhibitors hall:


Whether you're thinking about deploying enterprise health analytics, tackling an enterprise critical problem, or just curious to know more, email us here: info@apervita.com.

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