Low-code platforms are becoming an essential enabler for health enterprises, helping them rapidly create and deploy computable knowledge assets faster than ever before. 

With these platforms, enterprises can transform health knowledge into powerful decision support insight much faster than conventional methods.

Apervita combines the advantages of the popular scripting language Python with the No SQL MongoDB document-oriented database technology. Python scripting is provided on the Apervita platform through an onboard editor which allows population data to be quickly connected and analytics to be thoroughly tested.

Developers of analytics can create simple analytics in minutes, or complex analytics in just a few hours. Package them on the platform into visualizations and dashboards or make them accessible to third-party apps through Apervita APIs.

Apervita's low-code features include:

  • On-board Python script editor
  • On-board testing and de-bugging
  • Point and click measure editor
  • No SQL, no embedded data
  • No data model
  • Semantic connectors to map data to analytics
  • Cohorts: derived populations
  • Release cycle controls
  • User management and privileges
  • Enterprise administration interface

Apervita's low-code approach enables analytics to be operationalized into workflow up to x100 times faster.

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