Open API

The Apervita API allows results from analytics executed on the platform to be made available via a web service to:

  • a EHR
  • a point-of-care system
  • a revenue cycle system
  • a business intelligence or visualization tool
  • a web page
  • a mobile app
  • or any third-party application


  • retrieve the library of assets available to the caller
  • retrieve the status and results of a specific analytic
  • use a base URL for the web API, such as

What is REST?

  • a web API implemented using HTTP and REST principles
  • a hypertext-driven GET operation

REST governs the proper behavior of participants and allows loose coupling:

  • identification of resources (example: analytics or population data sets)
  • manipulation of resources (example: execution of an analytic)
  • self-descriptive message: the message itself contains enough information to process the message

GET API Features:

  • single GET call for any analytic execution
  • access to all or specific results
  • multiple events loaded via a single document
  • load in XML or JSON
  • enables real-time push of information onto the platform
  • comprehensive security feature set
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