Apervita is the trusted healthcare collaboration platform for quality measurement, clinical intelligence, value optimization & interoperability

We empower payers, providers & other stakeholders to more efficiently measure clinical & financial performance, improve clinical quality & administer and run analytics on value-based contracts


Empowers payers to administer & analyze value-based contract performance

Apervita meets payers & providers on their path to value with QPay, our contract performance management solution. It empowers both parties to fully align around value-based contracts by providing shared, transparent, and regular analyses of clinical and financial performance under specific contract terms. By arming both payers & providers with actionable insights via dashboards driven by analytics capabilities, QPay reduces the guesswork of value-based contracts and puts payers & providers on the same team.

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Premier cloud-based platform delivering consistent digital quality measure results


QMaaS combines the power of our battle-tested Clinical Quality Language (CQL) measures engine with our secure and scalable multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to deliver consistent provider quality measurement to third-party applications, data visualization tools, client data warehouses, and clinical workflow systems to inform quality improvement efforts. We save organizations time and money by taking on the costly and manual process of measure management, calculation, maintenance, validation &, and results delivery. This empowers organizations to focus on more business-critical initiatives.

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Enable secure, controlled data-sharing & access between hospitals, health plans & patients

Our Interoperability Solutions help healthcare organizations comply with federal government regulations related to interoperability and information blocking...and so much more. Our multi-tenant platform architecture is built to meet the complex needs of interoperability and data-sharing for a wide range of data-sharing use cases, such as meeting government mandates, electronic case reporting, quality programs and expanding data monetization programs. Apervita’s platform not only allows payers, providers & application vendors to share data, but applications as well. Plus, we provide the flexibility to choose modules that best suit the customer's data-sharing and compliance needs.


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