QEngage: Move from Insights to Impact

QEngage offers a flexible set of options to proactively engage clinicians and patients to act upon the insights provided by other QSuite™ applications.

QEngage brings the insights from QPay and QMeasure to life for operational and clinical users, as well as for patients/members. We know that measuring and forecasting clinical and financial performance is only part of the equation. Those insights also need to be made available at the right time, in the right way, to be actionable and for impact to be made. QEngage offers a flexible set of workflow-oriented solutions for turning insights into impact.

Illustration representing: Engage clinicians with workflow alerts to shape future performance

Engage clinicians with workflow alerts to shape future performance

  • Integrate insights into EHRs directly or offered as a "sidecar" application for effective Cognitive Support
  • Provide contextual actionable insights into the clinicians’ system of workflow—the EHR
  • Allow clinicians to benefit from multiple system insights without having to directly access the underlying systems
  • Ensure actionable insights are well-aligned to performance metrics and reportable/certified quality data
Illustration representing: Directly integrate with care management system

Directly integrate with care management systems

  • Combine invaluable insights on patients with existing dedicated case and care management
  • Empower clinicians to recruit and consult patients into best practice care management programs
  • Focus efforts for maximum patient benefit as well as clinical and operational outcomes
Illustration representing: Access bulk lists of priority patients

Meet your needs with high- and low-tech options

  • Bulk generate patient lists for daily stand-ups, quality or care management “rounds”, as well as individual patient outreach (e.g. mailings or text notifications)
  • Integrate to schedules and patient lists to facilitate care gaps closure
  • Automate notifications to notify providers on performance variations along with actionable insights and supporting data in context

Insights in context for clinicians

  • At-a-glance insights for care gaps or variations
  • Seamless integration with existing EHRs
  • No additional system log-ins
QEngage - Acme EHR - Jeremy Patterson (Patient)

Customized notifications

QEngage Customized notifications
  • Configurable notification parameters
  • Leveragable interface of clinicians existing systems
  • Role-based configurability and workflow context ensures the right information is displayed at the right time to the right user

Unique integrated views

  • Contextually-related information from multiple sources consolidated into a single, clinician-oriented view
  • Action-based timeline views offer best practice recommendations in the context of high-value insights
  • Clinician Cognition supported by logic conveying best practice insights using industry standards
  • Configurable based on application design and user needs
QEgage - Unique integrated views

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