QMaaS: The industry’s first cloud-based digital quality measurement platform

QMaaS delivers consistent, near real-time provider quality measurement to inform quality improvement efforts

QMaaS (Quality Measurement-as-a-Service) provides transparency & accuracy as the healthcare industry continues the transition to digital.

Save cost & drive focus

Save time, cost & drive focus

  • Hand-off the costly and manual process of measure management, calculation, maintenance, validation & results delivery
  • Reallocate resources to more mission-critical initiatives and value-creating activities
Decrease errors & reduce maintenance

Increase accuracy & gain value with our Clinical Quality Language (CQL) measures engine

  • Remove human interpretation by ingesting CQL specifications directly from official sources like CMS or NCQA
  • Promote reusability of measures for computable guidelines, care gap prevention & cognitive support
Scale measures & move to digital

Scale measures & move to digital

  • Gain access to 190+ accepted digital measures for a more comprehensive measures module
  • Select & customize measures to capture additional data points to drive your applications

“As a software vendor, we probably cannot devote the effort needed to create an interpreter, compiler or translator to enable evaluation of the entirety of the CQL/ELM … Supporting the full power of the CQL would probably be too expensive an undertaking.”

–Vendor on Implementing CQL Tools


Customize digital measure content selection

  • Select from a wide range of digital measure content, from eCQMs to HEDIS, for applications
  • Identify & capture additional data points to drive specific insights

Easily integrate your data

  • Connect data using standards and non-standard data feeds
  • Work with Apervita's experienced data engineering team to map your data

Set up your schedule & monitor measure executions

Control the level & destination of measure results
  • Customize frequency of measures execution for applications
  • Monitor the progress & history of measure executions

Control the level & destination of measure results

  • Integrate results back into your system at a single patient level
  • Configure where measure results are delivered within your system
Control the level & destination of measure results

NCQA eCQM CertificationSM

Apervita is proud to be certified through NCQA's eCQM Certification program. Organizations that rely on data from systems certified through NCQA’s eCQM Certification program can be confident that systems have gone through the industry’s most rigorous assessment of whether they provide accurate data.

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