QMeasure: Jumpstart your transition to digital quality measurement

An affordable, industry-scale CQL-based execution engine and development platform designed to fast track your transition to digital quality measurement

CMS and NCQA have signaled to the industry that CQL (Clinical Quality Language)-based measures are the path forward and the standard is supported by Health Level Seven (HL7) International.

Digital quality at your fingertips

Power innovation & decrease measure implementation costs

  • Improve accuracy and save costs by removing the manual interpretation of measure specs
  • Decrease costs by only paying for what you use & easily scale as your needs grow
Industry-leading performance improvement tools

Empower your team to build your own digital content

  • Streamline measure development by testing measures against test cases and real-world data
  • Access the industry’s standard content as a starting point for your own
Automate burdensome processes to do more than check a box and/or decrease administrative costs with automated workflows

Learn from experts & customize the solution to your needs

  • Rapidly get started integrating digital measures into your system today
  • Get quick, expert assistance to guide your team through digital measures and evolution

Seamlessly connect to Apervita's industry-scale CQL-based engine

  • Leverage APIs to connect & run digital measures on an infinitely-scalable engine
  • Select the measures needed and scale capacity in the cloud with ease & flexibility
  • Monitor executions & customize when and where results are delivered

Streamline workflow with a cloud-based development environment

  • Develop, test & execute CQL-based measures using just a browser
  • Import & employ standard measures as a starting point—no more building measures from scratch

Access our library of certified digital measure content

  • Utilize digital measures such as HEDIS, eCQMs or even prototype measures from CMS
  • Tap into Apervita's experienced team of measure developers & clinical informaticists to help guide your development

NCQA eCQM CertificationSM

Apervita is proud to be certified through NCQA's eCQM Certification program. Organizations that rely on data from systems certified through NCQA’s eCQM Certification program can be confident that systems have gone through the industry’s most rigorous assessment of whether they provide accurate data.

Ready to transition your organization to the digital age?