Simplify & accelerate development of digital measures with QBuilder

The best cloud-based tool for developing CQL-based measures—enabling you to build, test & collaborate in all one place

Leverage industry standards for measure specifications

Leverage industry standards for measure specifications

  • Accelerate collaboration between developers & clinical informaticists via the CQL environment
  • Access knowledge from the growing digital measure community
Streamline measure development workflow

Streamline measure development workflow

  • Understand real-world performance by building & testing measures against actual data
  • Seamlessly promote measures while preparing for pilot testing or production
Enable teams to collaborate within a single environment

Enable teams to collaborate within a single environment

  • Seamlessly share content to facilitate teams
  • Securely access the environment from a browser

Access a robust development environment

  • Enable developers to specify measures both in QDM and FHIR data models via CQL
  • Access Aperita's cloud-based platform from anywhere for easy collaboration

Validate measures using real-world data

  • Connect to a wide variety of standard and non-standard data schemas
  • Use production data to understand how measures will perform in practice

Boost CQL quality

  • Upload and use test samples while developing measures
  • Use tooling to inspect individual results throughout execution & highlight intersections with data

Customize measures parameters

  • Update measure parameters, such as value sets or run-time parameters
  • Adjust standard measure logic definitions to fulfill customer needs

Get CQL assistance

  • Error-check & prevent common miscalculations with the auto-completion tool
  • Consult Apervita's CQL experts for assistance in digital measures development

NCQA eCQM CertificationSM

Apervita is proud to be certified through NCQA's eCQM Certification program. Organizations that rely on data from systems certified through NCQA’s eCQM Certification program can be confident that systems have gone through the industry’s most rigorous assessment of whether they provide accurate data.

Transform your quality measures processes today.