10B+ CQL-based computations

+ Billion

40+ CQL-based measures on the platform

+ CQL-based measures

90% faster implementing quality measures

% faster

Clinical Quality Language (CQL) powers the future of digital quality

Apervita is the only integrated "build, test, run" cloud-based solution for CQL-based healthcare quality measures.

What is CQL?

Clinical Quality Language (CQL) connects electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) with clinical data and processes in one industry-standard language. It’s friendly enough for humans to communicate with, yet precise enough for machines to interpret.

Save time and money: No manual translation or development means fewer resources and less time spent on measures and CDS implementation

Save time and money

CQL eliminates the need for manual translation or development of measures, freeing time and resources for other clinical improvement efforts.

Improve performance: Implementation-ready standard and custom measures make it easier to assess compliance with best practices and provide feedback within provider workflow

Improve performance

Implementation-ready measures make it easier to assess compliance with best practices and provide feedback within provider workflow

Reduce variability: Off-the-shelf and easily shareable CQL measures eliminate duplicative implementations, varied interpretations and disagreement between systems

Link Measurement to Impact

CQL allows clinicians, informaticists and technologists to re-use the same code and insights from Quality Measurement in Performance Improvement and Clinical Decision Support endeavors.

Why does my organization need CQL?

Regulatory compliance: Providers and payers

CQL is now the preferred industry standard by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for 2019 electronic clinical quality measure submissions for all eligible hospitals and providers.

NCQA is implementing digital HEDIS and ECDS measures for health plans in CQL, releasing their first digital measure packages as part of their 2019 Volume 2 bundle.

Learn more about NCQA, digital HEDIS and ECDS from our leadership profile.

Leadership Profile: NCQA's Digital Measures: Innovations in Quality Measurement Reporting

CQL Learning Series: Download five free lectures now!Industry-wide adoption

CQL is being adopted and endorsed by some of the leading healthcare governing bodies in the world, including the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Committee for Quality Assurance and Health Level Seven International (HL7).

Become a CQL expert with our five-part, on-demand CQL learning series.

Freedom to move between systems

Remove friction and barriers between organizations working on performance measurement and improvement, unlocking from custom implementations in local environments and allowing payers, providers and regulatory stakeholders to easily work together with “shared math.”

NCQA eCQM CertificationSM

Apervita is proud to be certified through NCQA's eCQM Certification program. Organizations that rely on data from systems certified through NCQA’s eCQM Certification program can be confident that systems have gone through the industry’s most rigorous assessment of whether they provide accurate data.

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