Unique Benefits

Apervita® provides a platform and marketplace for health analytics & data, enabling health enterprises to create, manage, deliver, and exchange computable knowledge in one platform. 

Apervita provides the only fully integrated knowledge management, delivery, and exchange platform to support a broad range of computable health knowledge, with an open architecture that operates at industry scale. Apervita provides unique value as illustrated below:


Apervita enables health enterprises to:


CREATE & EXECUTE Rapidly build and use analytics,
connect any data, deploy in days
Apervita enables rapid authoring of new analytics. Once created, they can be
tested, managed, and released within the Author’s secure workspace. Once
data is connected, Apervita serves as the scale execution platform. Results
can be visualized on the platform or via APIs in almost any application.
DISTRIBUTE Apply insights for many purposes
in many places
Apervita enables fast and easy distribution of insights by allowing a single analytic
to be used for many different purposes. Every asset comes with its own set of web
services, so results can be delivered to any site, system, workflow, or application.

SCALE Manage 1,000s of analytics
across the enterprise
Apervita enables enterprise-scale management of analytics & data. Assets can
be managed centrally or in a federated model, with configurations like parameters
and equivalencies customized for each local environment.

PUBLISH & SUBSCRIBE Exchange analytics & data
in a two-side marketplace
Apervita creates flexibility and choice by enabling exchange of analytics & data
in the Apervita Market. Organizations can publish and monetize their assets,
or subscribe and apply insights from others.

BUILD A BUSINESS Scale commerce for the health
analytics & data economy
Apervita provides companies, from the entrepreneur to Fortune 100, a
technology platform to commercialize their health analytics & data. With safe,
secure, and private commerce, where Apervita provides the legal, technical, and
financial infrastructure, they can focus building success.



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