Apervita provides a platform where healthcare connects, creating value for all stakeholders.

We empower payers, providers and other stakeholders to measure performance, improve clinical quality and administer value-based contracts

Healthcare in the United States is undergoing a trillion-dollar seismic shift in how it's delivered and paid for, known as value-based healthcare. Value-based care is a healthcare delivery and payment model in which providers are paid by health plans based on patient health outcomes, rather than healthcare utilization.

The Problem

Unfortunately, payers, providers and other stakeholders face three major headwinds as they seek to successfully transition from the fee-for-service model to value-based healthcare:

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Lack of Trust

Payers and providers have historically been on the other side of the negotiating table from one another, and are hesitant to collaborate openly and unreservedly, a requirement for value-based healthcare.

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Lack of Infrastructure

Clinical data and administrative claims data have been maintained in different systems by different parties for different purposes in the past, but both are needed for value-based healthcare.  There is often insufficient infrastructure in place to share the insights derived from these data sources.

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Lack of Automation

Many value-based contract administration and settlement activities are performed in siloed technologies and workflows. As a result, payers and providers both rely on manual, inefficient processes in an attempt to provide a holistic perspective into value-based performance.

The Solution

Apervita's trusted collaboration platform allows all stakeholders to generate insights and improve quality while driving value.


Building Trust

Apervita is a neutral platform that allows participants to share data, insights and business processes in a permission-controlled way that is new to healthcare.  It's not about copying, shipping and consolidating data sets, it's about sharing insights that all stakeholders trust.


Providing Infrastructure

Apervita’s groundbreaking technology allows for both clinical and administrative data to be easily accessed, controlled and leveraged for continuous insights.  Our pre-built infrastructure allows for easy data on-boarding, development of clinical measures and the digitization of value-based contracts.  We've invested in the technology to execute these types of solutions at scale, avoiding costly one-off builds for stakeholders.


Accelerating Automation

Apervita's integrated set of solutions across all aspects of value-based healthcare empowers our customers with an unprecedented level of automation at scale.

Our Leadership

Matthew M. Burton, MD, Vice President Clinical Informatics

Matthew Burton, MD
VP Clinical Informatics & Analytics

Stephanie Graham, Senior Director, Professional Services, Apervita

Stephanie Graham
VP of Payer Innovation

Miya Gray, SVP Customer Success

Miya Gray
SVP Customer Success

Kevin Hutchinson, Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Hutchinson
Chief Executive Officer

Marty Jablonski, Information Security Officer

Marty Jablonski
SVP Operations & Information Security Officer

Paula Kopp, VP Product Management

Paula Kopp
VP Product Management

Neal McCarthy, Vice President, Business Development

Neil McCarthy
VP Business Development

William McNally, Senior Vice President, Finance

William McNally, CPA
SVP Finance

Blackford Middleton, Chief Informatics & Innovation Officer

Blackford Middleton, MD, MPH, MSc
Chief Informatics & Innovation Officer

Michael Oltman, Chief Technology Officer

Michael Oltman
Chief Technology Officer

Christopher Pilkington, Chief Strategy Officer

Christopher Pilkington
Strategic Advisor

Rick Ratliff, Chief Commercial Officer, Apervita

Rick Ratliff
Chief Commercial Officer

Kareem Saad, President & Chief Operating Officer

Kareem Saad
President & Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Dary Schallhorn, Vice President, Marketing

Michelle Schallhorn
VP Marketing

Andy Schriever, Vice President Data Engineering & Innovation

Andy Schreiver
VP Data Engineering

John Smolen, VP Product Managment

John Smolen
VP Product Management

Board of Directors

Mark Achler

Jon Bunker

Kevin Hutchinson

Michael Liang

Adam Koopersmith


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